A constellation of elements
that complete Radomonte’s personality.

The refined design of Radomonte in an exclusive line of complements, to complete our lines of bathroom products. Flush plates, syphons and drains in stainless steel, a highly hygienic material with an extreme resistance to corrosion.

Flush plates

  • Kiku flush plate Kiku flush plate
  • Teka flush plate Teka flush plate
  • Ocho flush plate Ocho flush plate

Toilet jets

  • Personal hygiene toilet jet Personal hygiene toilet jet
  • Sanitary cleaning jet Sanitary cleaning jet

Bathtub waste

  • Bathrub waste Bathrub waste
  • Bathtub waste with outlet Bathtub waste with outlet


  • Drain without overflow Drain without overflow
  • Drain with overflow Drain with overflow


  • Squared siphon Squared siphon
  • Round siphon Round siphon

Under basin tap

  • Under basin tap Under basin tap