Radomonte design mixers:
the contemporaneity of a timeless style


A brand with a strong and determined personality. Something that we chose to represent through the image of the lion. A symbol that also represents a strong identity with our homeland, and a indissoluble connection between RADOMONTE and the city of Venice, whose symbol is in fact the lion.

Research. Innovate. Instil the matter with a unique and distinctive style. RADOMONTE’s journey was born from a decennial experience with stainless steel. Our objective: to show the high quality of our stainless steel mixers for bathroom and kitchen, and complements. But we always look ahead, and in the future we’d like to experiment with new products.

Mixers, shower heads, shower columns but also robe hooks, towel rails and soap dispensers. Modern and innovative products, born from a long experience in the world of design tapware, and from a deep knowledge of the materials and how to work with them.

Stainless steel: an ecological choice.

RADOMONTE’s products have a high technical quality, moreover they’re completely made of stainless steel. Steel will last for a lifetime, as its surface has a very high resistance to corrosion, rust and external agents. Moreover, stainless steel is ecological and doesn’t produce residuals that might be dangerous for the man or for the environment.

Environmental sustainability is one of our main goals. Both GEDA and RADOMONTE follow a production system focused on the respect for the environment, which has been certified by the logo ECO ENERGY SYSTEM.
Moreover, RADOMONTE’s products have been created to grant a smart use of water and make it possible to save water with strategies such as:

1. Ceramic disks cartridges with reduced flow rate

2. Aerators that, by introducing air into the water flow, allow a full flow with a reduced use of water

3. Recyclable materials with a reduced environmental impact, that can be easily separated for an easier waste disposal

4. The new and exclusive mixing system, that prevents waste of hot water and thus helps saving energy

Last but not least, stainless steel, due to its superficial compactness, is extremely hygienic, can be easily cleaned and doesn’t require a special maintenance. A real commitment for our future.

Design and technology: an excellent combination

"For RADOMONTE, design isn’t just an aesthetic choice: it is a fundamental principle of its projects"

These are the words of Stefano Macchion, the entrepreneur-designer who signs all RADOMONTE projects.
An exclusive and contemporary design, that makes our products jewel-like. But that’s not enough: the design of RADOMONTE products has been studied to be functional and optimize the technical potential of our products.

RADOMONTE’s soul is dual: it combines the qualities of craftsmanship to those of the modern industry. We look to the future, but we remain tied to a timeless tradition. RADOMONTE is a brand that encompasses people, skills, experience. We are constantly looking for anything that is innovative to offer our customers the best mixers and design accessories for bathroom and kitchen.

RADOMONTE, high level components for a house that combines elegance and technology. For those who seek style.

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