The birth of RADOMONTE – GEDA presents its new stainless steel line at Salone Del Mobile 2016

The birth of RADOMONTE – GEDA presents its new stainless steel line at Salone Del Mobile 2016

RADOMONTE was born from the creativity of GEDA: 5 new lines of bathroom and kitchen mixers made of stainless steel.

We’ll be waiting for you at our booth in Milan at Salone del Mobile from the 12 to the 17 of April 2016 – pavillon 24, stand D05. It will be a great occasion to immerse in the creative and emotional processes that are GEDA’s backbone: a fusion between architecture and design in a museum-like exposition, where the product is treated like a piece of art.

The result of a decennial experience in the world of taps, RADOMONTE has chosen to work with stainless steel in order to exploit its potential and benefits. The extreme surface resistance to the corrosive action of rust and external agents prevent degradation and ensure that the products will last a lifetime. Moreover its compactness help prevent dirt and bacteria adhesion making cleaning much easier.

Steel is an environmentally friendly material. It can be 100% recycled and does not produce harmful substances to either humans or the environment. Our steel also has a significantly lower processing temperature compared to those of other metal alloys. All this contributes to sustainability which lies at the heart of RADOMONTE’s vision.

The result: five series of bathroom and kitchen mixers, that combine the exclusivity of a luxurious design coupled with advanced technology. All signed by the entrepreneur-designer Stefano Macchion, who’s the soul of RADOMONTE.

Come and see RADOMONTE at the long anticipated Salone del Mobile. A brad that isn’t just a company, but also includes people, expertise and experience. Contemporary and innovative products, high level complements for a house that combines both technology and elegance.