Brand Philosophy

Functionality. Design. Innovation. Respect for the environment.
The Radomonte collections of taps, fittings, accessories and Wellness complements are born from the experience and creativity of entrepreneur and designer Stefano Macchion, founder of GEDA, the brand's parent company.

The Radomonte brand is the synthesis not only of an entrepreneurial vision but also of a design culture that has long been reworked by the company. 100% Made in Italy collections that pay attention to the most minute details, combining functionality, refined creativity and a material of the highest quality such as AISI 316L stainless steel.

For designer Stefano Macchion, creative research becomes an extreme act of freedom. The design of Radomonte products stems from a conscious and careful study of style that then becomes an act of rebellion. Distorting geometries to reach the essence of form.

Each product becomes the celebration of a story. To make everyday life an extraordinary experience.

Solid With Charme

The industrial style was born in the mid-1950s when New York architects began reclaiming disused warehouses and industrial buildings and turning them into homes or ateliers for artists, such as Andy Warhol's famous Factory.

The industrial style applied to the world of luxury gave rise to the industrial chic current, in which the iconic industrial symbolism of columns, textured surfaces and exposed piping merges with a refined and elegant style. The result is environments in which industrial rigour becomes softer, creating sophisticated and cosy atmospheres.

Radomonte is committed to environmentally friendly production, both in the company's processes - guaranteed by a certified quality and environmental system - and for the benefit of the end customer. In the design of Radomonte products, in addition to the use of ecological and recyclable materials such as stainless steel and glass, special attention is given to energy-saving and intelligent consumption solutions.

From this philosophy we created the Eco Energy System label, created by the company to certify the development and realisation of projects through technologies and materials aimed at respecting and safeguarding the environment.