Taps with Murano glass handles

Radomonte has chosen to include glass in its faucet collections because of its eco-friendly qualities. Glass is non-toxic because it consists only of natural substances. It is durable, hygienic and 100 per cent recyclable and, if reused, requires lower melting temperatures, resulting in energy savings.

Choosing to work with glass is also a tribute to our land: Venice. Mirò and Dorin handles are made of Murano artistic glass, according to the traditional working methods of the Venetian glass art. Each piece is handcrafted and therefore unique, telling its own story.

The Murano art glass handles of the Dorin collection create a collection with a sophisticated, retro design. Inspired by one of the best-loved traditional shapes, they evoke the fascinating charm of Venice and its stately palaces.

Dorin handles are available in two colours, ice or amber.

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Inspired by the stones of Zen gardens, Mirò's black Murano glass handles celebrate the encounter between Venice and the East. A collection of stainless steel bathroom fittings with a refined and elegant design where the influences of oriental minimalism are strong.

The handles of Mirò are also available in different sizes to distinguish the hot and cold water supply.

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