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GEDA is an Italian company based in Porcia, in the province of Pordenone, founded by entrepreneur and designer Stefano Macchion. For over twenty years it has specialised in the design and production of taps, accessories and shower and wellness systems.

Decades of experience in the design and processing of materials combined with the constant research for innovation give life to design products that are an expression of the best of Made in Italy: virtuous, responsible, passionate.

I am Stefano Macchion and I am the creator and designer of the GEDA brand.

I have a vision of design as a source of daily inspiration. It reflects my way of being and understanding existence. It is movement, curiosity, discovery.

My aim is to create everyday products made unique by a fundamental combination: the encounter between high technology and a refined and original aesthetic form. Projects that create a unique synergy between beauty, functionality and extreme quality. I want to create design that provokes, but with balance and elegance.GEDA.

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Geda's Manifesto

Design for us is awareness, it is the story of a philosophy, of a way of conceiving existence. Our philosophy. We want a future in which we rediscover the value of time and things. In which we eliminate the superfluous, exasperate the negative, to focus on a fullness that is quality, attention, care. We want to tell our story through our products. The passion of the craftsman, the hand that moulds. The curiosity of a citizen of the world.GEDA.

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