Kira for Bayamo Sea Identity

Kira for Bayamo Sea Identity

Our mixer from the Kira collection has been chosen for the new R 13.1 PERFORMANTE rib by Bayamo Sea Identity, a company based in Casarsa della Delizia (Pordenone) that produces a limited series of single-hull aluminium inflatable boats.


A unique aluminium rib. It is with great pride that we have joined the group of companies selected by Bayamo because they best represent the synthesis of material, engineering, craftsmanship and design.


In fact, the choice of the Radomonte mixer for this ambitious project, which will be unveiled at the Venice Boat Show (Arsenale, 31 May - 04 June), stems from Bayamo's desire to work only with top-of-the-range artisan companies whose mastery combines rigorous craftsmanship with innovative technology.


Kira is a collection of industrial-style taps for luxury environments, created by designer Stefano Macchion. In keeping with the bold and captivating character of the rib, it was chosen for this project in the mixer version and customised with the exclusive PVD carbon finish, a superior treatment that further increases the surface resistance of stainless steel.


Like all Radomonte products, Kira is made of AISI 316 L stainless steel, a variant of low-carbon steel that is even more resistant to the effects of salt and chlorides, making it particularly suitable for the harsh conditions that a tap can be exposed to in a marine environment.


Happy seas, R 13.1!


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Photos: © Giuliano Koren