KIRA industrial chic addiction!

KIRA industrial chic addiction!

Industrial style is one of Radomonte's most popular interior design trends for its ability to reappropriate spaces traditionally used for work and production, transforming them into refined and welcoming environments. This vocation to create elegance through contrast - the professional environment that becomes private, the combination of materials, the functional element that becomes an aesthetic detail - has meant that, over the years, the industrial style has found its own particular soul in the world of luxury, giving rise to the Industrial Chic trend.

Industrial. And chic. No further introduction needed. The Industrial Chic aesthetic softens the austere industrial symbolism to create exclusive and sophisticated environments that evoke the charm of big cities.

This is the inspiration behind the new Kira range.

Designed by Stefano Macchion, Kira is a collection of bathroom and kitchen faucets in AISI 316L steel, a variant of stainless steel that is even more resistant thanks to its low carbon content, which reinterprets the industrial aesthetic by echoing its most iconic elements - levers, valves and pipes - with a graceful and elegant shape. The ideal faucet for luxurious industrial environments, but also for more minimalist spaces that want to make a characterful choice.

Like all Radomonte products, Kira can be personalised in many ways. It is available in polished or brushed steel and in PVD gold, bronze, rose and carbon finishes.

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